Friday, October 29, 2010


Perak rare registered cover,1952,with two Reg Labels Padang Rengas and Taiping

Old Perak Cover,franked with 10 cent stamp.Reverse side,wiyh rare hand stamped

Aerogramme letter from Mecca,Saudi Arabia to Malaysia

Cover from Mecca,Saudi Arabia 1972

1950s Hari Raya greeting card with clock tower,cover from Lumut,Perak

1950 Greeting Card

1950 Greeting card from.kota bharu.kelantan

Rare Greeting card with celebrity picture,1952 from Sitiawan Perak

Advestement Cover 1928  Strait Settlement

1970 cover with hand stamp `Mel Udara`

1969 Cover with Slogan,`Don~t listen to rumours`in four languages.This part of the Govementcampaign to prevent racial riots that had occurredduring the May 13th 1969.

1957,Merdeka First cover,wrong spelled `MADERKA`

Modern Philatelic,1980 rare coverwith two Reg Label,Sg Petani and Ipohand taxed 60 cent,Note by postal official `Dijumpai dalam peti surat`(Found in Postal Box)

Aerogramme letter from Mecca to Malaysia

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